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Prior to establishing Afrika Express Forwarders the three Directors of the company have had  years of experience building relationships with various service providers at different stages of the shipping and forwarding chain, and have sharpened expertise and positioned themselves in such a way that understand the unique needs for clients to streamline their supply chain, while saving costs and getting cargo to their customers or end-users on time., Afrika Express Forwarders is geared to handle all aspects of the freight industry and we are proud of the personal service we provide to our clients.

Our services are not simply limited to moving products from one end to another, that is a game most can play. We consult on an optimised shipping & transportation plan that provides cost synergies and is efficient, all the while being mindful of the timelines within which products have to be delivered.

Having well established relationships and strong buying power with most shipping linesservicing South Africa, Afrika Express Forwarders is able to consider and meet our clients’ individual needs when selecting the appropriate carrier to handle their shipments.

We are geared to provide TRANSHIPMENT services for cargo sailing through South Africa, and CROSSTRADE solutions for direct shipments from shipper to consignee.

Our access to various modes of transportation enables us to offer a multimodal transport solution (i.e. Ocean freight into South Africa, then rail or road to a destination country), which can often aid in finding cost savings.

In order to protect our relationships with the shipping lines we ensure container turn-in on time and avoid penalties to the shipper or consignee for returning containers late.

We ensure containers go to our transport hubs for unpacking and the cargo is loaded onto other means of transportation.

And should there be need to store cargo prior to transportation to final destination, we negotiate reduced rates on behalf of our clients.
We provide a complete package of logistics services through our global network of partners. Our experienced staff are trained to handle the complexities global shipping on our clients’ behalf.

We can offer a single-source solution to and from any point across most of the major trading regions keeping you informed of your shipment status at every step.

Our access to a healthy range of airlines with either freighters or passengers’ aircrafts enables us to provide services for cargo of different weights and dimensions, commodity type (i.e. dangerous goods), to and from most major trading regions, at reasonable prices. And we always negotiate to get the best rates for our clients.

Our carriers can either ship directly or via connecting aircrafts, depending on the needs of the customer.

Afrika Express Forwarders positions itself to also facilitate courier shipments through our partners for small consignments and ensure that the client is kept in the loop every step of the way.

The air freight services cater for imports, exports, as well domestic shipments to Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.

As an accredited customs clearing agent we are able to provide a swift customs clearing service at competitive rates. With our online computer system linked via EDI to Customs our team is fully geared to take care of all customs procedures as required.

Every entry is captured accurately to avoid any over or under-declarations to ensure our clients are fully compliant and pay any Duties & VAT applicable to the revenues office.
And to avoid delays our team pre-clears consignments prior to departure at origin or arrival at destination country.

Our customs expertise put us in a position to inform clients prior to shipping what the Duties and VAT applicable to a consignment would amount to.

And together with this, we are able to provide guidance on suitable INCOTERMS to use when shipping to avoid any violations of the sales contracts in place, and to also prevent our clients incurring unnecessary costs.

Our overseas partners are able to offer extremely competitive rates on inbound shipments along with options on various airlines. Our Forwarding team is in constant communication with our overseas partners and able to update clients regularly on incoming shipments.

Afrika Express Forwarders’s contract rates with local airlines ensure that we are able to provide a competitive door to door courier service. From same day express parcels to economy freight, we have the perfect solution to suit your specific freight requirements.


This service is used when parcels or documents are required urgently at central domestic destinations. The door to door transit time is usually no longer than 5 to 6 hours between Cape Town and Johannesburg or Durban (depending on flight availability)


Overnight express is service which guarantees delivery before 10 am of the following day, available to most destinations within South Africa.


For consignments which require delivery before 4 p.m. the following working day. This service is frequently used as it is more cost effective than the Overnight Express service.


For the not so urgent shipments. This is the most cost effective form of freighting and the transit time is two working days from day of collection.

Contact our domestic freight team about your individual local freight requirements. We also offer discounts to frequent users. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent consignments. See our contact page for after hour telephone numbers.

For those extra urgent small packages or documents, Afrika Express Forwarders offers a worldwide door to door service at competitive rates.


We are proud to be able to offer an overnight courier service to most main destinations in the world. We never consolidate our overnight express courier shipments. Each shipment is handled individually and is on the move from the time it leaves the senders door until delivery at destination. This service is frequently used by film production companies for their daily film rushes.


For the in between option. The 2 day courier service has proved to be very popular as it is far more cost effective than the Overnight Courier service and delivery is usually before mid day 2 days after departure to most main centres throughout the world.


The most commonly heard of international courier service which most are probably familiar with. Afrikan Express Forwarders takes care in providing our customers with the security (peace of mind) of knowing that their consignment has been delivered timeously. Little hassle with no worries!

The ATA carnet is similar to the temporary import. The only difference is that the security deposit is lodged in the country of origin. The ATA carnet system eliminates the need for customs declaration, by giving instant recognition and acceptability by customs officials. The ATA carnet system is more expeditious than the temporary import.

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